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Is there a sleep doctor in the house?

November 4, 2009
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My first entry, what should I focus on. I know, sleep.

First things first, when I don’t sleep well, or do not get enough sleep I eat poorly and am very cranky. Enough sleep is at least 8 hours, which is often difficult.  I’m beginning to wonder if my energy level and mood really has anything to do with the hours I sleep or if it’s the food I eat and the amount I move. My guess is that it’s everyone combined.

I didn’t sleep very well last night. Ole was laying on my feet and I can’t sleep when my feet are hot. Weird? Yes.  I’m beginning to wonder what the correlation is between amount of quality rest and weight gain. I feel like since college started six years ago I’ve kept packing on the lbs. not only because of bad habits when it comes to sweets and carbs, but also because I don’t leave enough time for exercise and sleep. I eat and then think about what I’m going to eat next. Not good. But I really feel like I’ve been told to think this way. A majority of commercials are about food. What if, after every TV show the first commercial was a public service announcement, a reminder to get up and do push ups or crunches or something active until the show comes back on? Just a thought! Another thought, I watch too much TV ::insert self-deprecation::

Tonight I’m going to Midwest Mountaineering for a bouldering class with my friend Stephanie. Stephanie has celiac disease (I’m glad my allergy isn’t that bad.) I haven’t gone climbing since the cruise for Ben’s mom’s wedding. I did pretty well, but I was also lifting weights at the time and that was almost 2 years ago. I just hope tonight doesn’t end up being embarrassing ::insert more self-deprecation:: Here is a picture of the last time I went climbing. The picture highlights the one part of my body that I’m proud of, my calves.

climbing on cruise

climbing on cruise

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