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December 1, 2009

Okay, maybe that post title is a little harsh. But, the past three weeks have been quite the hiatus for dieting.

I told myself I wouldn’t eat sweets until i lost 10 lbs. Well, that didn’t last more than 3 days.  Every Tuesday I leave work early to go study for my GEO 1001 class. I go to a cute coffee shop in Dinkytown (near campus) and drink tea (loose leaf, yummy!) and study for 3 hours. It has been my habit to get the chocolate covered peanut butter rice crispies treat they have in their sweets case. That is problem #1. I didn’t do so well over the Thanksgiving weekend. I haven’t really been watching what I eat, well, sort of, but not really. I get stuck in a rut of thinking “one cookie, and I’ll stop eating them tomorrow” but then one cookies leads to three cookies. Ack! So, I know I can’t do cold turkey, because the second i have a sweet, if I fail, I have this idea that if i had one and screwed up, i may as well as 5 and start fresh the next day. Obviously that isn’t working for me. Maybe rather than cutting sweets out cold turkey, I should learn to have one, and them move. My major problem isn’t necessarily what I eat, but that I don’t work out enough.

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