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For me? Well thank you!

December 8, 2009

Yesterday I went to the rec center and signed up for my gym membership. An early Christmas present to myself. If I go 8 times a month, I get a majority of the membership fee back! Yay! I think I might try swimming. I’ve been told it’s a great workout. The rec has a climbing wall; too bad it’s $4 a climb.  Maybe I”ll treat it like my prize. Every 3 lbs I lose I get to climb the wall! It would be a good incentive because I love the climbing wall! I’d say every 5lbs, but I really only want to lose 25 lbs and I want to go more than 5 times.

UMN Rec Climbing Wall. Photo Courtesy of U of M rec.

I start physical therapy for my IT bands tomorrow and then I’ll start seriously moving. I stepped on the scale yesterday day, it was a painful 3 seconds watching the number pop up. I know it’s what goes in must come out, calorie wise. But I don’t feel like I eat poorly, aside from my sweet toothat  gets the best of me. I just really need to start working out again. I want to be able to work out, but my knees hurt! I tried going for a walk with the dog last week, and my knees hurt for two days.

Dear Knees,

Get better soon so I can get healthy!



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