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I survived the Holidays!

December 29, 2009

I actually lost two pounds since we left last week for our Christmas driving excitement. How, may you ask? Easy… muscle mass depletes when you’re in a car for 19 hours.

Wednesday afternoon we left for Madison to stay at Ben’s dad’s for the night. What is usually a 4.5 hour car ride was 8 hours. We got stuck in the storm. Eck! It didn’t help that we brought Ole (Ben’s idea) and had to stop every 2.5 hours for him to go to the bathroom and run around. It’s tough being cramped in a kennel for 8 hours, I don’t blame the poor little guy!

Next day, french toast for breakfast. Thanks gluten free diet ::insert sarcasm:: Ben’s dad likes making it with Panettone using a recipe similar to the one found at ThirdsPlease. We had it once before at his house last spring; right after I found out I had a gluten allergy, he had no idea at the time. This time, however, he either forgot, or neglected to take my allergy into consideration when making his plans. I shouldn’t take it too personally. He couldn’t remember for two years that his daughter was a vegetarian. To his credit, when Ben reminded him, he tried to find gluten free bread, but couldn’t and told us of this when we were on our way. Ben and I stopped at a grocery store on our way to Madison to get some gluten free bread and just my luck, the only bread the grocery store had was Ener-G Light Brown Rice Bread. I do not like Ener-G bread.

Light Brown Rice Bread. Courtesy of Ener-G

Most loaves go in the garbage after two attempts. Sorry Ener-G, prove me wrong, please. I bought it anyway, hoping the fancy french toast mixture would help mask the chalky flavor of the bread. Next morning… nope, no good. Christmas breakfast = nothing fantastic. I dont think it helped that Ben and Tom both forgot when they were making it the next morning and forgot to save some batter for me. Oh well. Ben and his dad enjoyed their panettone breakfast enough to make up for my lack of a flavorful morning. Question for anyone out there. If you were aware that one of your visitors had an allergy, would you plan a meal knowing they wouldn’t be able to eat any of it? Or am I exaggerating?

Guess what was for dinner on Christmas eve… you’ll never guess. Pasta. A huge assortment of pasta, fancy breads and crackers and tortellini soup.  I ate lettuce, lil’ smokies and shrimp for dinner. It simply wasn’t my year for Christmas meals. Probably another reason I lost weight over the Holidays. Lack of eating. From now on, I will ask what is for dinner, that way I can plan accordingly. I should have known better. Oh well. Luckily, Deb, Ben’s aunt remembered from last spring when we visited. She’s such a sweetheart. She had a big assortment of fixings for yogurt and oatmeal. Mmmmm. Ben’s grandparents had a traditional meal, so I was safe with meat, potatoes and carrots. I didn’t starve. No worries.

I shouldn’t focus on food as much as I do. It’s the worst of my many weight issues.


I found a new trick that makes it impossible for me to avoid the gym. I leave all my makeup in my locker. That way I HAVE to go there before work. Good plan, eh? I’ve really enjoyed my mornings at the rec. I finally figured out how to use the elliptical machine without numb toes. Just have to rock back and forth on my feet a little, makes my calves burn, but that’s a good thing, right? Does anyone else get numb toes from elliptical machines? I’m curious. Maybe it’ll go away when I am in shape. Time will tell. I’ve been leaving enough time for my leg workouts and stretches so I can get my iliotibial bands back to normal. I have PT next Monday. Urg.

I haven’t been able to say no to chocolate at work. TOO MUCH CANDY. Here is a Christmas wish to all the staff and faculty in my department – please stop bringing me sweets as a sign of gratitude – I’d prefer a simple thank you 🙂 I’m not ungrateful. I simply lack willpower!

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  1. December 30, 2009 6:28 am

    Yes to the numb toes on the elliptical! Happens all the time, especially in my right foot. I used to think it was related to my sciatic nerve, but found out my tensor latae fasciae muscles on both sides are very tight and I have tendonitis in the right leg because of it. Who knew? Keeping your makeup at the gym is a brilliant idea. Makeup definitely motivates me! LOL

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