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February 4, 2010

Tomorrow was a long ways off…

What’s been going on since my revelation? I’ve been going to the gym, fairly consistently compared to December and I’ve been working hard at getting my legs back in working order so I can start running again. I’ll be one happy camper when I can start running. I REALLY miss it; as does Ole. He’s been destroying a lot of things lately. Little punk. I was at the gym at 5:45 today, did the elliptical machine for 10 minute while I waited for a treadmill. I hate treadmills, but I’m soooo sick of the elliptical machine. 40 minutes walking up hill and I’m feeling good 🙂

I’ve been listening to audiobooks while I work out, it makes the time go by much faster, and it’s the only time I allow myself to listen. The longer I’m working out, the longer I get to listen to my book. I have no shame, I’ve been reading and listening

I had PT yesterday and was told I need new shoes- yeah… I knew that. My ILTB Syndrome is going away, thankfully. However, apparently I supinate to an extreme, also considered underpronating. My physical therapist gave me a bunch of exercises to work on strengthening my hips more, and my stabilizing muscles to try to correct my extreme supination. I feel so much more knowledgable. As soon as my physical therapist clear me, I’m heading to Marathon Sports and I’m getting some new shoes that are cushioned and have a “curved last.” Every Tuesday they have a podiatrist or physiatrist in the store. Lovely 🙂

REI has some lovely diagrams and RunnersWorld has a great video supination.

Supination video from Runner’s World.

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  1. February 5, 2010 8:43 am

    Hi, Peas! Thanks for posting about my IT band possibly stemming from my shoes. I’ll talk to my PT about it, but the docs and chiro seem to think it’s from my decaying knees. New ones would probably “fix” the problem, but I’m not ready to do that just yet, so I’ll work with the IT band issues through PT and see how that goes. You give me hope that I can find relief from this awful tendonitis. I’m glad you’re feeling better!

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